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Boosters say pop-up ‘parklet’ is a sign of good things to come in Tysons
The developer hopes the pop-up park will help change people’s minds about the community and its future.
What’s HOT, what’s not: A user’s guide to Virginia’s new 95 Express Lanes
(The Washington Post, December 13, 2014; 5:26 PM)
If all New York commuters drove, Manhattan would need an obscene amount of roadways
(The Washington Post, December 11, 2014; 9:14 AM)
In cutting budget proposal, Metro freezes a project aimed at improving bus service
(The Washington Post, December 6, 2014; 4:00 PM)
On the rails: Your commuter life in Washington through Instagram
(The Washington Post, December 5, 2014; 10:30 AM)
Commuters react to sinkhole that caused major delays on GW Parkway
(The Washington Post, December 2, 2014; 9:57 AM)
Little bridge to have big impact on D.C. commuters
(The Washington Post, December 1, 2014; 4:52 PM)
Slippery, wet roads greet commuters, travelers Wednesday morning
(The Washington Post, November 26, 2014; 10:13 AM)
Thanksgiving getaway guide 2014: Tips for travelers planning long-distance drives
(The Washington Post, November 14, 2014; 10:03 AM)
Owner of the ‘I66 BLOZ’ license plate explains why
(The Washington Post, November 8, 2014; 4:23 PM)
Veterans Day challenges for commuters, concert-goers
(The Washington Post, November 7, 2014; 12:13 PM)
D.C. commits to projects to advance the city’s long-range transportation plan
(The Washington Post, October 25, 2014; 5:01 PM)
Decline in Metro commuters prompts concerns for Washington real estate
(The Washington Post, October 23, 2014; 4:26 PM)
Update: Red Line train off-loaded at NoMa causes delay
(The Washington Post, October 21, 2014; 9:15 AM)
Testing of Metro’s 7000-series is on track
(The Washington Post, October 11, 2014; 8:42 PM)
D.C. taxi commission chairman proposes single app for hailing cabs
(The Washington Post, October 11, 2014; 3:51 PM)
Seeking: I-66 commuters with a sense of humor
(The Washington Post, September 29, 2014; 10:14 AM)
Commuter alert: Avoid Connecticut Avenue near Md.-D.C. line this week
(The Washington Post, August 27, 2014; 4:05 PM)
Commuter Digest: Summit to close streets, force other commuting changes in District
(The Washington Post, August 2, 2014; 6:35 PM)
Commuter Digest: Metro to begin simulated service on its new Silver Line on Sunday
(The Washington Post, July 19, 2014; 6:22 PM)
Commuter Digest: Metroway bus system set to debut in August in Northern Virginia
(The Washington Post, July 11, 2014; 11:03 PM)
Silver Line start has Blue Line riders seeing red; maybe they should look for the Yellow
(The Washington Post, July 6, 2014; 12:00 AM)
Commuter Digest: DDOT being urged again to act on 16th Street NW bus lane
(The Washington Post, July 5, 2014; 4:14 PM)
Commuter Digest: Metro plans to begin passenger service for Silver Line on July 26
(The Washington Post, June 29, 2014; 12:01 AM)
Commuter Digest: Bipartisan Senate proposal seeks 12-cent increase in federal gas tax
(The Washington Post, June 19, 2014; 5:14 PM)
Bringing more wheelchair-accessible cabs to D.C. streets—and saving the city millions
(The Washington Post, June 14, 2014; 7:20 PM)
Commuter Digest: Silver Line behind schedule again; summer opening may be in jeopardy
(The Washington Post, June 12, 2014; 4:52 PM)
D.C. long-term transportation plan offers more choices, deters personal vehicle use
(The Washington Post, June 5, 2014; 11:05 PM)
Commuter digest: Arlington streetcar’s cost rises further
(The Washington Post, May 17, 2014; 8:42 PM)
Summer getaways 2014: Best vacation escape routes for drivers leaving the D.C. area
(The Washington Post, May 16, 2014; 2:06 PM)
Exposed: Reckless commuters driving through flooded roads
(The Washington Post, May 16, 2014; 12:00 PM)
Repairs set for flood-damaged commuter route
(The Washington Post, May 6, 2014; 10:25 AM)
How do transit systems in London, Paris compare with Washington’s Metro?
(The Washington Post, May 3, 2014; 5:21 PM)
This I-66 commuter feels your pain
(The Washington Post, May 2, 2014; 4:17 PM)
A floating train from New York to Washington, via Japan
(The Washington Post, April 25, 2014; 7:03 PM)
Capital Bikeshare expansion hindered by bankruptcy of Montreal-based bike vendor
(The Washington Post, April 12, 2014; 6:54 PM)
Metro spy: Travels with an undercover bus rider
(The Washington Post, April 5, 2014; 5:30 PM)
Metro board will begin review of capital spending
(The Washington Post, March 30, 2014; 4:14 PM)
2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival highlights
(The Washington Post, March 15, 2014; 9:34 PM)
Want to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival? Here’s how!
(The Washington Post, March 15, 2014; 5:37 PM)
Want to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival or avoid it? Apps are your best path.
(The Washington Post, March 15, 2014; 5:20 PM)
Commuter digest: 1,124 tickets issued during snow emergency
(The Washington Post, March 8, 2014; 4:24 PM)
Washington area’s winter storms have made for even tougher commutes for bus riders
(The Washington Post, March 8, 2014; 4:22 PM)
District, Maryland, Virginia leaders pledge $75 million for Metro’s long-term projects
(The Washington Post, March 1, 2014; 8:54 PM)
Crystal City bus route’s cost will exceed $10M
(The Washington Post, February 22, 2014; 11:58 PM)
After a snowstorm, bicycle riders have to wait a little bit longer for an all-clear
(The Washington Post, February 22, 2014; 4:12 PM)
National Safety Council estimates auto deaths dropped 3% in 2013; VDOT adds to 511 app
(The Washington Post, February 15, 2014; 5:21 PM)
Metro grievances aired at public hearing over $2.86 billion budget plan
(The Washington Post, February 8, 2014; 3:37 PM)
Does Metrorail or driving work best for commuters starting south of Beltway?
(The Washington Post, February 1, 2014; 8:50 PM)
Cut in transit allowance: A new year’s pain for Metro riders
(The Washington Post, January 11, 2014; 5:13 PM)
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