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D.C. students ‘meet Washington’ to learn about careers and prepare for them
A public school program introduces students to information technology, hospitality and engineering.
Report: D.C. youth more likely to attend preschool, have health insurance
(The Washington Post, July 23, 2014; 9:30 AM)
Judge throws out lawsuit challenging D.C. school closures; plaintiffs plan appeal
(The Washington Post, July 21, 2014; 6:53 PM)
Shining Stars Montessori scrambling to find new home after charter’s building deal fails
(The Washington Post, July 19, 2014; 4:57 PM)
D.C. charter board member has $195,000 contract with D.C. charter school
(The Washington Post, July 18, 2014; 7:58 PM)
Financial review of D.C. charters includes new scrutiny of management contracts
(The Washington Post, July 17, 2014; 6:35 PM)
D.C. schools hire expert to help improve outcomes for African American boys
(The Washington Post, July 17, 2014; 1:00 PM)
Tierra Jolly wins D.C. State Board of Education race
(The Washington Post, July 16, 2014; 8:00 AM)
D.C. bill would ban school suspensions for city’s pre-K students
(The Washington Post, July 13, 2014; 8:00 PM)
District’s lawsuit against Options charter school delayed
(The Washington Post, July 11, 2014; 6:46 PM)
D.C. State Board of Education seat up for grabs in special election
(The Washington Post, July 11, 2014; 6:45 PM)
Unanimous D.C. Council panel advances special-education overhaul
(The Washington Post, July 10, 2014; 8:23 PM)
Critics of D.C. education policies question test score gains
(The Washington Post, July 10, 2014; 12:01 AM)
Monica Warren-Jones to step down from D.C. education board
(The Washington Post, July 7, 2014; 1:46 PM)
New D.C. charter school highlights debate over planning
(The Washington Post, July 5, 2014; 3:46 PM)
D.C. settles with former school food services director for $450,000
(The Washington Post, July 3, 2014; 6:08 PM)
Under pressure, D.C. school system gets more aggressive about selling itself
(The Washington Post, July 1, 2014; 9:37 PM)
D.C. considers special-education overhaul
(The Washington Post, July 1, 2014; 3:51 PM)
D.C. Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s effort to lengthen school day faces union resistance
(The Washington Post, June 29, 2014; 4:52 PM)
D.C. parents, politicians seek to slow school boundary overhaul
(The Washington Post, June 26, 2014; 7:29 PM)
D.C. considers guaranteeing preschool across most of city
(The Washington Post, June 25, 2014; 9:16 AM)
D.C. school boundary proposal spurs citywide debate about quality
(The Washington Post, June 21, 2014; 5:50 PM)
D.C. Public Schools will take a hiatus from test-based teacher evaluations with move to Common Core exams
(The Washington Post, June 19, 2014; 7:21 PM)
Michelle Obama addresses hundreds of graduates helped by D.C. CAP
(The Washington Post, June 19, 2014; 7:10 PM)
Students pushing Potomac bluestone for official D.C. rock
(The Washington Post, June 17, 2014; 6:26 PM)
D.C.’s Banneker High produces two Gates Millennium Scholars
(The Washington Post, June 16, 2014; 3:56 PM)
D.C. officials seek stronger oversight of charter schools after recent fraud allegations
(The Washington Post, June 15, 2014; 7:51 PM)
In D.C. school boundary proposal, parents and activists see clear winners and losers
(The Washington Post, June 13, 2014; 9:48 PM)
D.C. releases new boundaries proposal with emphasis on neighborhood schools
(The Washington Post, June 12, 2014; 8:01 PM)
Muriel Bowser commits to keeping Kaya Henderson as D.C. schools chancellor
(The Washington Post, June 11, 2014; 6:13 PM)
Student counterprotesters at Wilson High far outnumber anti-gay Westboro protesters
(The Washington Post, June 9, 2014; 3:46 PM)
Maya Angelou inspired students at D.C. schools that bear her name
(The Washington Post, June 9, 2014; 1:46 PM)
Georgetown Day School buying Tenleytown properties
(The Washington Post, June 5, 2014; 7:34 PM)
Wilson High principal comes out as gay at school’s Pride Day
(The Washington Post, June 4, 2014; 9:37 PM)
Principal Pete Cahall’s coming out speech at Wilson High
(The Washington Post, June 4, 2014; 3:41 PM)
D.C. officials allege improper diversion of charter funds
(The Washington Post, June 2, 2014; 4:41 PM)
D.C. classrooms welcome babies in effort to teach empathy
(The Washington Post, June 1, 2014; 8:08 PM)
D.C. students attempt to set Guinness world record for bubble-wrap-popping
(The Washington Post, May 30, 2014; 7:26 PM)
D.C. to release refined set of school boundary recommendations
(The Washington Post, May 30, 2014; 10:46 AM)
D.C. weighs new admissions preference for children of charter-school employees
(The Washington Post, May 28, 2014; 2:48 PM)
Anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has a new target: D.C.’s Wilson High
(The Washington Post, May 27, 2014; 11:21 PM)
D.C.’s School Without Walls reopens admissions after failing to fill freshman class
(The Washington Post, May 26, 2014; 5:02 PM)
D.C. school buses racked up traffic-camera violations
(The Washington Post, May 24, 2014; 7:12 PM)
D.C. school system is losing at least eight veteran principals
(The Washington Post, May 22, 2014; 12:48 PM)
D.C. approves three new charter schools
(The Washington Post, May 20, 2014; 5:20 PM)
DCPS reaches tentative agreement with principals union
(The Washington Post, May 18, 2014; 4:47 PM)
‘Dream City’ connects D.C. students to city history
(The Washington Post, May 18, 2014; 1:20 PM)
D.C. education budget heads to full council for approval
(The Washington Post, May 15, 2014; 4:02 PM)
Catania seeks to shift school renovations, add at-risk funds
(The Washington Post, May 14, 2014; 5:47 PM)
D.C.’s Roosevelt High to become international-themed school
(The Washington Post, May 14, 2014; 3:37 PM)
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