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Monique S. Murdock admitted stealing $29,000 in school funds.
D.C. officials to consider eight proposals for new charter schools
(The Washington Post, April 21, 2014; 2:50 PM)
D.C. parents raise questions about funds for at-risk students, school renovations
(The Washington Post, April 17, 2014; 6:54 PM)
Options likely to remain open, but DCPS will not manage it
(The Washington Post, April 15, 2014; 5:21 PM)
Bowser makes subtle change in D.C. school boundary position
(The Washington Post, April 14, 2014; 7:50 PM)
D.C. school proposals trigger debate over future of neighborhood schools
(The Washington Post, April 12, 2014; 5:43 PM)
Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Awards
(The Washington Post, April 11, 2014; 10:00 AM)
Top principals: Leaders with vision and a plan
(The Washington Post, April 11, 2014; 10:00 AM)
D.C. Board of Education names ombudsman as liaison between families, schools
(The Washington Post, April 10, 2014; 5:12 PM)
D.C. mayoral hopefuls weigh in on proposals for school boundaries and access
(The Washington Post, April 9, 2014; 10:46 AM)
D.C. school system receives waiver for two snow days
(The Washington Post, April 8, 2014; 6:13 PM)
DCPS releases full school lottery data
(The Washington Post, April 8, 2014; 1:47 PM)
How would D.C. phase in new school boundaries?
(The Washington Post, April 7, 2014; 5:01 PM)
D.C. releases proposed school boundaries and far-reaching student assignment policies
(The Washington Post, April 5, 2014; 7:44 PM)
Brief summary of D.C. student-assignment proposals
(The Washington Post, April 5, 2014; 10:21 AM)
D.C. officials seek to clarify confusing test instructions
(The Washington Post, April 3, 2014; 5:38 PM)
D.C. mayoral primary has Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s future up in the air
(The Washington Post, April 3, 2014; 5:06 PM)
Joy and anguish for parents as D.C. releases school lottery results
(The Washington Post, March 31, 2014; 9:49 PM)
D.C. parents await school lottery results
(The Washington Post, March 30, 2014; 7:44 PM)
D.C. mayoral race injects uncertainty into school boundary overhaul
(The Washington Post, March 28, 2014; 7:43 PM)
Federal report says low-performing D.C. schools are not getting required attention
(The Washington Post, March 24, 2014; 9:44 PM)
Maryland and D.C. schools to begin field-testing new Common Core exams next week
(The Washington Post, March 20, 2014; 6:55 PM)
Parents, students praise D.C. TAG in effort to shore up congressional support
(The Washington Post, March 19, 2014; 5:19 PM)
Review finds serious test-taking violations in four D.C. schools
(The Washington Post, March 19, 2014; 1:20 PM)
D.C. Council member Catania proposes sweeping special-education legislation
(The Washington Post, March 18, 2014; 9:48 PM)
Cheh introduces bill to provide poor D.C. children with meals on snow days
(The Washington Post, March 18, 2014; 1:00 PM)
D.C. parents press city to help fund building renovation for D.C. International school
(The Washington Post, March 15, 2014; 8:44 PM)
One more piece of Gray’s education record: OSSE
(The Washington Post, March 14, 2014; 12:52 PM)
D.C. schools see progress under Mayor Gray, but questions linger
(The Washington Post, March 13, 2014; 8:35 PM)
D.C. mayor says he plans to increase budget for schools by more than $100 million
(The Washington Post, March 11, 2014; 10:14 PM)
Eight groups apply to open new D.C. charter schools
(The Washington Post, March 11, 2014; 2:04 PM)
Northwest Washington’s St. Ann’s Academy to close
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2014; 6:02 PM)
D.C.’s Eliot Hine Middle School launches television broadcast program
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2014; 5:40 PM)
D.C. charter officials seek to keep Options open
(The Washington Post, March 6, 2014; 10:56 PM)
D.C. Council approves D.C. Promise college scholarship
(The Washington Post, March 4, 2014; 6:07 PM)
D.C. mulling Common Core test switch
(The Washington Post, March 2, 2014; 8:54 PM)
Henderson faces D.C. Council questions about achievement gap, middle schools
(The Washington Post, February 27, 2014; 7:16 PM)
D.C. International charter school may lose $6 million in expected city funds
(The Washington Post, February 26, 2014; 3:47 PM)
D.C. schools announce $5 million satisfaction initiative
(The Washington Post, February 25, 2014; 6:56 PM)
D.C. official faces questions about D.C. TAG audit
(The Washington Post, February 24, 2014; 6:40 PM)
Audit of D.C.TAG scholarship program shows millions of dollars unaccounted for
(The Washington Post, February 23, 2014; 7:02 PM)
D.C. charter board adopts new way to judge alternative schools
(The Washington Post, February 23, 2014; 5:42 PM)
Perry Street Prep’s high school to close; KIPP DC to take over Arts and Technology Academy
(The Washington Post, February 20, 2014; 1:51 PM)
D.C. charter board postpones vote to close Options school
(The Washington Post, February 19, 2014; 5:21 PM)
Shallal criticizes D.C. school reform efforts, saying he would chart a different course
(The Washington Post, February 18, 2014; 7:19 PM)
Three Friendship Collegiate seniors surprised with Hanover College scholarships
(The Washington Post, February 18, 2014; 5:28 PM)
Middle schools present vexing problem for D.C. leaders as parents choose other options
(The Washington Post, February 17, 2014; 5:06 PM)
Arne Duncan visits D.C. school to cheer contributions of City Year volunteers
(The Washington Post, February 10, 2014; 7:37 PM)
A real-life civics lesson for Alice Deal Middle School students
(The Washington Post, February 9, 2014; 1:51 PM)
DCPS seeks early input to improve budget process
(The Washington Post, February 5, 2014; 5:01 PM)
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