Behind the Headlines

Behind the Headlines

‘Behind the headlines’ town hall is June 22

Join The Washington Post and a special panel for a discussion of issues that impact D.C.’s African American community.

Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll

Gray’s popularity plummets

Gray’s popularity plummets

A new poll shows a sharp decline in D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s popularity in the months since his victory.

Parents’ goodwill toward D.C. schools rising

Parents’ goodwill toward D.C. schools rising

For the first time in more than a decade, a majority of D.C. public school parents give the system positive marks.

Washington is divided more by class than by race, poll finds

Most residents see socioeconomic class, not race, as the primary source of a stark divide in the city.

AIDS tops health concerns in D.C. poll

In a poll, residents of Washington most frequently cited HIV/AIDS as the District’s greatest health problem.

Explore the 2010 census

View how demographics in your neighborhood have changed over time:

Dealing with development in D.C.

District residents discuss the implications of gentrification, racial integration and socioeconomic divisions throughout the city and in Petworth, one of D.C.'s majority African-American neighborhoods.

February, 2011 Town Hall: Race and the Recession

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