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Posted at 09:29 AM ET, 01/03/2013

In Bahrain, cameras are weapons

How the government crackdown has led to the arrests of those documenting the protests.

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Posted at 04:49 PM ET, 11/13/2012

Protests break out in Jordan, mention king by name

Is this just another bump in the status quo or a serious challenge to the monarchy?

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Posted at 04:30 PM ET, 10/25/2012

What the Arab Spring has done for womens equality, in one chart

The short answer: so far, not much.

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Posted at 11:39 AM ET, 10/18/2012

Benghazi’s overlooked lesson: The militia-ization of Libya

The country relies on citizen militias for basic security, but do they have too much autonomy and power?

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Posted at 04:39 PM ET, 10/17/2012

Hunted: A first-hand account of Gaddafi’s desperate last days

A new report reconstructs the Libyan dictator's weeks in hiding and his last bloody moments.

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Posted at 11:56 AM ET, 02/21/2012

Syria, Bahrain, Yemen streets filled with violence (videos)

At least three countries have been rocked by violence at the beginning of this week alone.

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Posted at 03:53 PM ET, 11/24/2011

Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy tweets of sexual assault, beating by police (Video)

Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy wrote on Twitter that she had been assaulted and beaten by police

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Posted at 09:11 AM ET, 11/21/2011

Egypt headlines: Time warp to Jan. 28

With national elections just around the corner, Egypt has been rocked by violent protests that resemble those that took place in January.

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Posted at 11:04 AM ET, 09/29/2011

Robert Ford, U.S. ambassador to Syria, pelted with eggs and tomatoes

A day after we reported that U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford has been slamming Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Facebook, it looks as if Assad’s supporters got payback.

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Posted at 12:03 PM ET, 09/23/2011

Bahraini protesters take to the streets in ‘Lulu Return’ ahead of elections (photos, video)

Bahrain security forces fired tear gas Friday as protesters took to the square in large numbers, calling it the ‘Lulu Return.’

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 09/23/2011

Yemen: Crowds march in protest as president returns (photos, video)

Crowds gathered in protest as Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh unexpectedly returned home Friday morning, calling for a truce and new negotiations.

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Posted at 09:12 AM ET, 09/19/2011

Yemen street clashes extremely violent, leave more than 20 dead (live updates)

President Saleh’s security forces have cracked down on protesters in Yemen, leaving more than 20 dead on Monday.

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