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Posted at 12:44 PM ET, 10/19/2012

Kim Jong Il’s grandson calls his uncle Kim Jong Eun a ‘dictator’

The former North Korean dictator's grandson comes off as modern and progressive

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Posted at 05:15 PM ET, 02/16/2012

Jeremy Lin, Lil’ Kim grace different editions of Time magazine

The covers of Time magazine’s four world editions this week are unusual.

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Posted at 09:34 AM ET, 01/05/2012

North Korea coup rumors fueled by Chinese social media

Rumors of a coup against new North Korean leader Kim Jung Eun have been pushed along by China’s social media sites.

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Posted at 08:58 AM ET, 12/28/2011

Kim Jong Il funeral in North Korea a theatrical affair (video)

North Korean state television broadcast images of grief and agony at the funeral of Kim Jong Il, playing looped images of the crowd while saying it was “live.”

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