Post Politics: Trail Mix

What will the president pay next Tax Day? (Tuesday’s Trail Mix video)

It’s Tax Day, and the presidential candidates are celebrating by doing battle over their respective tax proposals.

Today we take a look at President Obama’s tax rate versus Mitt Romney’s and how both stack up against the Buffett Rule, which was blocked by the Senate late Monday.

Congress and the campaign game (Monday’s Trail Mix video)

The Keystone XL oil sands pipeline takes center stage on Capitol Hill --­ again -- as congressional and campaign politics collide:

Who will succeed Gabby Giffords? (Friday’s Trail Mix video)

Ron Barber, Gabby Giffords’s former district director, is running in this June’s special election and November’s general election for the Arizona Democrat’s former House seat.

Will he succeed?

We take a closer look at Barber’s candidacy in a separate piece this morning. But in the meantime, today’s Trail Mix video gives a preview of the race from the ground in Arizona:

The battle for the Senate kicks off (Thursday’s Trail Mix video)

Just as the Republican presidential primary has begun winding down, the race for the Senate is heating up. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has reserved $25 million in airtime, Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz reports. Which states will be the major battlegrounds? Today’s Trail Mix video takes a look:

The GOP race after Santorum (Wednesday’s Trail Mix video)

The Republican presidential race had a big shake-up Tuesday when former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) announced that he was suspending his campaign.

What happens next? We take a look in today’s Trail Mix video:

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How much do the veepstakes matter? (Monday’s Trail Mix)

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) has yet to clinch the Republican presidential nomination, but that hasn’t stopped the vice-presidential speculation from already kicking into overdrive.

Will it be Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)? Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio)? House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)?

There’s certain to be plenty of guesswork about the veepstakes from here to the Tampa convention this summer, but a bigger question looms over all the speculation: Does a candidate’s choice of running mate make a difference in the fall?

Today’s Trail Mix video takes a look:

Can Pennsylvania save Santorum? (Wednesday’s Trail Mix)

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s trio of wins in Tuesday’s contests, what was already an uphill battle for former senator Rick Santorum now looks to be an increasingly difficult one.

There are three weeks stand between Tuesday’s contests and the next ones at the end of the month -- a period during which Romney is likely to continue rounding up support while Santorum endeavors to head off a loss in his home state of Pennsylvania.

What are the stakes there for Santorum? Today’s Trail Mix video (we’re keeping tabs on the GOP contest from on the road in Arizona) takes a look:

Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C. primary day: Can Romney sweep? (Tuesday’s Trail Mix)

Will former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) be able to revive his campaign with a win in the Wisconsin GOP presidential primary?

Or will former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney make a clean sweep in today’s trio of contests, setting in motion the beginning of the end of Santorum’s campaign?

Watch today’s Trail Mix video for a look at what’s at stake in today’s primaries: