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2012 Oscar awards

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See below for a collection of links for the 2012 Oscar nominations and the 84th Academy Awards show. The nominations were announced Tuesday, Jan. 24, and the Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Feb. 26. Keep checking here for all your Oscar news from now until after the awards are given out. If you think we’re missing important links, share them in the conversations tab.

Vote: The biggest 2012 Oscar nomination snub goes to...

Watch: The Oscar 2012 nominations for Best Picture are announced.

Full list of nominees

Editor's Pick

Where to watch Oscar-nominated movies

(The Weinstein Company)

Find out what Post critics thought of the top flms, and get showtimes for the ones playing now.

‘The Actress’ and the complex realities of coming out

Coming out is not automatically a clear or easy path for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and it may function very differently for transgender people.

Could Rihanna, Katy Perry or Coldplay have to pay to play Super Bowl XLIX halftime show?

The NFL has floated the idea, a report says, and it isn’t terribly popular.

Halle Berry joins list of Oscar winners thriving on TV, but what happens when the small screen doesn’t work out?

Some still think television is “easier” or “a step down” -- but it’s never a guaranteed success.


Bacall’s legend more than just acting and Bogart

(Associated Press)

Lauren Bacall had one of those incredible lives.

It’s a twister! 75 years later, Wizard of Oz is still a tornado classic

Through the decades, the all time classic has inspired movie-goers and future meteorologists alike with scenes of a twister vaulting Dorothy’s home into the sky over her sleepy Kansas town.


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