Apptitude: Making a gift list, on your smartphone
The appeal of gift-giving apps depends on where organizational and shopping habits overlap.
Apptitude: Charity Miles lets you do good for others while doing good for yourself
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Apptitude: ‘Flic’ away those blurry photos
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Apptitude: Move or die
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Apptitude: ‘Zombies, Run!’ might scare you into healthy habits
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Apptitude: Airfarewatchdog could use some lift
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Apptitude: Up Coffee helps track caffeine intake
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Apptitude: Is your child’s artwork or performance worth Keepy?
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Apptitude: Glympse lets you keep track of friends, fellow travelers and teens
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Apptitude: Wondering what your closing fees will be? Ask CloseIt!
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Apptitude: HealthyOut is interesting, but don’t base your diet plan on it
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Apptitude: Packing Pro requires you to pack patience as well
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Apptitude: SnapShop Showroom furnishings app could show more
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Apptitude: Sleep Cycle didn’t help him wake refreshed — or at all
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Apptitude: Web sites, apps and more to enhance your visit to Rock Creek Park
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Apptitude: My Move and Moving Day complement one another
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Apptitude: PaceDJ sets your workout to a suitable beat
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Apptitude: Postagram doesn’t do postcards justice
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Apptitude: MyStuff2 Pro helps you organize your things, and your thoughts
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Apptitude: At first, despite her racing mind, she resisted meditation. Then she found Calm.
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Apptitude: Days helps you capture everything, whether it’s breakfast or a dream vacation
(The Washington Post, May 30, 2014; 5:30 AM)
Apptitude: Homesnap allows you to learn about a home for sale simply by taking a photo
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Apptitude: Runtastic offers bells, whistles and ‘William’
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Apptitude: Will SeatGuru’s wisdom result in a more comfortable flight?
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Apptitude: Valspar offers color consultation for the overwhelmed
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Apptitude: ShopWell helps you pick groceries based on health goals
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Apptitude: Can RideScout tackle D.C.’s traffic problems?
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Apptitude: Keeping track of home improvement projects, budgets, materials
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Apptitude: Pact helps you put your money where your mouth is regarding diet, exercise
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