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Dancing on the grave of the enemy

Dancing on the grave of the enemy—a human impulse, perhaps, but not one that we want to encourage if our spirituality is rooted in interconnection and compassion.

By Starhawk  | May 4, 2011 7:23 PM  | COMMENTS (0)

Summer Solstice: the tipping point of the year

Although summer is just beginning, from today on the light will begin to diminish, just a bit, each day until once again we find ourselves in the long, dark nights of winter.

By Starhawk  | Jun 21, 2011 4:59 PM  | COMMENTS (0)

Faith in the 99 percent: What drives Occupy Wall Street?

The movement’s core message and ethic is profoundly spiritual, even prophetic.

By Starhawk  | Oct 20, 2011 3:18 PM  | COMMENTS (0)

A Pagan Thanksgiving blessing (that anyone can use)

“We give thanks for this good green earth and all that lives upon it.”

By Starhawk  | Nov 24, 2011 8:21 AM  | COMMENTS (0)