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Classical Beat: May, 2011

Posted at 12:05 AM ET, 05/31/2011

Of change and City Opera

The New York City Opera is leaving its home at Lincoln Center and moving into an unknown future: its situation is bad, but is not a reason for alarm about the perils of new ways of doing opera.

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Posted at 11:27 PM ET, 05/30/2011

Link: Monk, ascending

A link to my review of Meredith Monk’s newest CD, “Songs of Ascension.”

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Posted at 11:08 AM ET, 05/25/2011

Zambello to WNO - as advisor

WNO announces its new transition team as it prepares to merge with the Kennedy Center: artistic advisor is Francesca Zambello.

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Posted at 06:41 PM ET, 05/20/2011

Link: Tenors’ short tenures

An article in Sunday’s Washington Post takes a look at the short careers of tenors these days, and some of the reasons behind them: oversinging, poor understanding of the voice by those doing the hiring, and, oh yes, cancer.

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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 05/20/2011

News flash: flash concert Friday at 3

Today at 3, the violinist Gil Shaham will offer an impromptu, 15-minute, free concert at the Hirshhorn: a “flash concert” organized by NPR and Classical WETA. All comers welcome.

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Posted at 01:26 AM ET, 05/20/2011

Links: Alt-classical violinist seeks orchestra job. Plus: reviews

Eighth blackbird’s violinist, Matt Albert, is leaving a steady, lucrative gig to explore the freelance life or an orchestra job — just the things his peers want to flee. Plus: reviews of Sarah Coburn; Thomas Dausgaard and the NSO.

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Posted at 04:12 PM ET, 05/18/2011

News and notes: Weinstein, BSO

WNO’s Mark Weinstein gets a new gig; Baltimore Symphony gets $100K from the NEA; CAMI gets exposed for questionable touring practices.

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Posted at 09:39 AM ET, 05/17/2011

Links: from Pressler to Bach

Today’s classical music reviews including a snapshot of the elderly Menahem Pressler, an appraisal of a fine B Minor Mass, and the Cathedral Choral Society’s latest outing.

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Posted at 07:16 AM ET, 05/16/2011

Links: WNO and more

Links to this weekend’s reviews, from the Washington National Opera’s Don Pasquale through the formal but scintillating performances of the NOW Ensemble and Victoire to two local orchestras taking on this week’s centenarian, Gustav Mahler.

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Posted at 11:05 AM ET, 05/14/2011

Link: Mahler, 100 years later

A link to my field guide to Gustav Mahler in Sunday’s Washington Post. Plus, a new and much-hyped CD from Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy.

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Posted at 03:09 PM ET, 05/11/2011

Orchestras in Germany: snapshots of a crisis

The orchestral crisis we’re in the middle of in the USA started in Germany after reunification. What that means: 35 fewer ensembles — and more audiences than ever. A helpful perspective that shrinkage and apocalypse are not the same thing.

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Posted at 03:08 AM ET, 05/09/2011

Links: weekend roundup

A survey of concert reviews from the last few days in the Washington Post: Placido Domingo brings “Iphigenie” to town, Pierre-Laurent Aimard tackles Liszt, and Robert Battey shakes his head at the antics of Denis Matsuev.

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Posted at 02:06 AM ET, 05/09/2011

Link: Mazzoli comes to Washington

In Sunday’s Washington Post, Stephen Brookes profiles the 30-year-old composer Missy Mazzoli. Who says classical music is dead? or even classical?

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Posted at 06:00 PM ET, 05/06/2011

WPAS announces a safe 2011-12 season

Washington Performing Arts Society announces a season with familiar faces — Joshua Bell, Itzhak Perlman, the Emerson Quartet.

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Posted at 05:09 PM ET, 05/06/2011

Levine out for the summer

James Levine announces his cancellation of all of his scheduled summer performances. Will his “Die Walkuere” on May 14 be his last?

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Posted at 11:35 AM ET, 05/06/2011

CD review: Vadim Gluzman

The gifted violinist is performing in Annapolis this weekend; to mark the occasion, a review of his latest CD, devoted to Max Bruch.

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Posted at 12:57 AM ET, 05/06/2011

Link: Jarvi, Bronfman with NSO

Jarvi rides warhorses to pleasant pasture at NSO, with Bronfman gamely facing the Tchaikovsky concerto.

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Posted at 03:02 PM ET, 05/05/2011

Looking for the good news about orchestras

An appearance on “Soundcheck” touches again to the question everyone in the orchestral world is asking these days: what exactly does work for orchestras in this time of crisis?

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Posted at 12:36 AM ET, 05/02/2011

Weekend links: Lin, Hampson, Guarneri, BSO and Hamelin in review

Links to concert reviews from the past few days uncover amusing coincidental overlaps in DC’s classical music life, including two performances of Ferruccio Buson’s Elegy No. 4, and back-to-back performances of Bruch’s first and second violin concertos.

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Posted at 08:49 AM ET, 05/01/2011

Link: Placido Domingo, still singing after all these years

In today’s Washington Post: At 70, after 54 years of professional singing, Placido Domingo still sounds impressive. “This is a big mystery for me,” he says.

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