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Religious Right Now: May, 2012

Posted at 02:12 PM ET, 05/21/2012

With HHS lawsuits, Catholic institutions follow their conscience

It doesn’t take a theology degree to understand why Catholic institutions like Franciscan University won’t violate their beliefs by covering contraception.

By Geoffrey Surtees and Jordan Sekulow  |  02:12 PM ET, 05/21/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  catholic church, birth control, catholic lawsuit

Posted at 11:16 AM ET, 05/10/2012

Romney at Liberty: Here’s the commencement speech he needs to give, and words we need to hear

Will the commencement speech lay a path to move the nation out of the shallows?

By Jordan Sekulow and Matthew Clark  |  11:16 AM ET, 05/10/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Romney, Evangelicals, mormons


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