As ‘Plan B’ vote nears, John Boehner seen whipping votes on House floor

House Speaker John A. Boehner was seen glad-handing colleagues on the House floor.

Democrats unveil proposals to address Newtown shooting

Several Democratic proposals in the House and Senate could be adopted as part of the White House review.

Dave Camp says he’s cancer-free

Development means chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee free to focus on tax reform.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: ‘We have to be careful’ about new gun laws

Most senior Republican woman in Congress noncommittal on review of nation's gun laws.

Awaiting a ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, lawmakers pass other legislation

Lawmakers are biding their time by passing modest bills long languishing on the House and Senate dockets.

Watchdogs warn House ethics process is at risk

Government watchdogs are warning that the independent office responsible for overseeing ethics investigations of House lawmakers could become a toothless entity.

Congress votes to strike ‘lunatic’ from federal laws

One Republican lawmaker voted against final passage of the measure. Who was he?

House Democrats tout diversity in the ranks

Unlike the GOP, Democrats note that members who are White, Black, old, young, urban and rural earned top spots on House committees.

Cantor: House won’t adjourn until ‘fiscal cliff’ deal reached

The move means the holidays could be short -- or canceled -- for lawmakers.

House Republicans will have one woman committee chair

Only one woman will chair a House committee, but GOP counts a few women in other leadership positions.

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