Metal detectors at ballparks: A screwball idea

This is a sledgehammer solution to a problem that does not exist.

Does ‘Star Wars’ have a woman problem? Leia, meet Rey.

What if all that girl power bears fruit?

The force awakens? A stormtrooper complains about yet another helmet redesign.

Life for a stormtrooper in the Star Wars universe is not all hunky-dory.

Florida Man strikes again, landing a gyrocopter on the Capitol grounds

Florida man lands gyrocopter on Capitol Hill.

The one thing we got right about Gwyneth’s $29 food week

The scrutiny.

Why is the Hillary logo so terrible?

It is still bad.

Marco Rubio is a time traveler here to stop Skynet

But would he kill Hitler?

10 totally unplanned stops on Hillary Clinton’s spontaneous road trip

Anything can happen!

‘Hillary, Actually’ — Hillary Clinton actually is all around us

Hillary Clinton's Love Actually announcement video.

The trouble with Dove. #ChooseBeautiful and the escalation of Dove commercials

They seem to be escalating.

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