‘Turing’s Cathedral’

Reading assignments for computer-history buffs

Mega-droughts, geoengineering, alien contact: Notes from AAAS

AAAS 2015: More science than you could possibly consume.

Pondering solutions to global warming in snowy Cambridge

Looking for geoengineers and other experts

Planck flings dust at BICEP2: No discovery of gravitational waves from the big bang

Cosmic inflation still a great idea but we need the evidence.

Science’s war on two fronts

Waiting for the day my computer doesn't chastise me for using the word "irreproducibility"

Welcome to Science Tuesday Mid-Afternoon: Should we be worried about synthetic organisms cooked up in laboratories?

Genetic engineering, the environment, and life's knack for finding a way

The world we make: Don’t leave it to the engineers

Imagining the future, with cautious optimism

The presidency: What it takes

Good presidents love the job even if it's sometimes unlovable

The good life, in theory

But don't wind up all-hat, no-happiness

The Post-Christmas Purge

Please back up the truck and take all this stuff away.

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