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All Opinions Are Local
Posted at 12:18 PM ET, 10/16/2012

Gen Xers, Millennials are not going away

Members of the baby boom generation gave immeasurably of themselves to help their children succeed. But when those children want to participate in public policy decisions, at least a few people think the members of Generation X or the Millennials should still be seen and not heard.

Those who want an occasional window into the “get off my lawn” mentality in D.C. keep an eye on “themail,” a biweekly e-newsletter from Gary Imhoff and Dorothy Brizill that publishes letters from readers. Yesterday’s edition included a letter entitled, “Is Anyone Asking, Why David Alpert?” An excerpt:

The city’s decision makers have turned to a blogger to help forge partnerships with this young group of followers, and to lead them in the direction of poor decision making. Gracious streets have become clogged with bike lanes, bus shelters are lit up with advertising, and national parkland is threatened with children’s play equipment. ...
The city may awake one day and discover that the Millennials are no longer here. They’ve moved on to the sounds of a different piper, faraway places, and fun and games. They really didn’t care about the future of Washington, they cared about good times and easy living for themselves.

Technically, I am probably not a Millennial, as the cutoff is usually set around 1980 to 1983, and I was born in 1978. But regardless of the definition, you can just substitute “kids these days” for “Millennials” in Karl Jeremy’s letter. I am, regardless, a member of a younger generation of DC residents than the typical reader of themail.

[Continue reading David Alpert’s post at Greater Greater Washington.]

David Alpert is founder and editor of Greater Greater Washington. The Local Blog Network is a group of bloggers from around the D.C. region who have agreed to make regular contributions to All Opinions Are Local.

By  |  12:18 PM ET, 10/16/2012

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