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All We Can Eat
Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 10/31/2012

What’s the most tasteless Halloween food costume?

I think Timothy Leary used to have nightmares about these ’shrooms.
Good gooey candy notwithstanding, Halloween has increasingly earned a reputation for tastelessness — mostly in costumes.

We here at All We Can Eat have randomly selected five food- and beverage-related, ready-to-wear costumes that adequately underscore this fashion wasteland. We’re now asking you to vote on them after the jump.

But first take a look at the, ahem, appetizing options, starting with the mushroom with Mickey Mouse hands shown above. (You’ll note we avoided all “sexy” oriented costumes because, well, because they’re way too easy to mock.)

This perpetually peppy fast-food mascot is creepy enough on TV. I can't imagine running into him on Halloween. It'd be like bumping into a long-lost member of the Bee Gees — the one with the Henry the VIII complex.

This turkey costume sort of looks like a headless sumo wrestler with wings.

Is that a giant clam on your lap or are you just happy to be away from the halfway house on Halloween?

The only thing missing is the sound of someone retching in the bathroom.
Vote for your favorite (or least favorite, as the case may be) in our poll.

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