‘Teachers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your rubrics.’

Education activists met in Chicago to discuss their movement against corporate school reform.

Report: Millions of dollars in fraud, waste found in charter school sector

The total is impossible to know because there is not sufficient oversight over charter schools, the report says.

Can reading comprehension be taught?

The answer, from a cognitive scientist, may surprise you.

Black male teachers: There aren’t enough of them

How to bring more into the teaching force, and then support and retain them.

Why calling school reform ‘corporate reform’ is an insult to corporate reform

'No leading company would place the entire foundation of its business on inaccurate, unreliable, system-distorting and often "bad" data like multiple-choice standardized tests.'

Does the Common Core help boost reading comprehension?

Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham answers the question.

Each senior at Camden charter school applied, on average, to more than 45 colleges

Excessive? One student sent out more than 70 applications. Administrators at the school are delighted.

How to teach students not to do everything they are told

' No evidence supports the contention that most kids are coddled and consequently self-centered, let alone that this is true of more kids today than it was in decades past. (Adults have grumbled about young people in pretty much the same ways for -- well, approximately forever.) But assume for a moment that today’s grumblers were right. How would we raise and teach children if our priority was to make sure they weren’t self-centered? What might help them acquire the inclination to look beyond themselves?'



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How school reform stacks up against Grade 5 Common Core test standards. (Hint: not well.)

'The Grade 5 Math Test is used to “assess student reasoning.” Unfortunately, the latest legislation in Albany does not pass the reasonable test.'

More than a dozen states report trouble with computerized Common Core tests

A list of headlines from publications around the country revealing the scope of the difficulties.

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