Separating fact from fiction in 21 claims about charter schools

What the research really shows.

Leonard Nimoy to BU arts students: Be persistent. And ‘don’t create any more reality TV shows.’

In a 2012 commencement speech to arts students at Boston University, Nimoy talked about advice he got from JFK and other life lessons.

Yes, Scott Walker really did link terrorists with protesting teachers and other unionists

He says he didn't, but see what he said and decide for yourself.

‘The good teachers are starting to leave’

A teacher asks her state superintendent to give her and her colleagues more instructional time -- or suffer an exodus of good teachers.

Georgia’s education chief has some words for Arne Duncan

'Our broken model of assessment is too focused on labeling our schools and teachers, and not focused enough on supporting our students.'

Judge rules Missouri’s membership in Common Core testing group is illegal

A Missouri judge says the state's membership to a testing company aligned with the national Common Core education standards is illegal and that it shouldn't pay fees to be part of the group.

Why names matter: The fight at Clemson over iconic university building named after racist governor

Students and professors want it changed but school governors don't.

Teachers at popular school ask parents for help: This may sound ‘absurd’ but it’s true.

In an unusual plea, teachers explain to parents how proposed state school reforms can harm teachers and students.

Did No Child Left Behind’s test-based reforms fail? Or not?

A defense and a criticism of No Child Left Behind.

How Twitter is changing the national Common Core debate

Three researchers say this is the first national policy conversation played out in social media.

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