‘Insanity. I have to sign a permission slip so my middle-schooler can eat an Oreo’

Insanity. I have to sign a permission slip so my middle-schooler can eat an Oreo. That was the text of a tweet by the mother (@RHMainLine) of a student at Welsh Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania, who was dismayed to receive a permission slip from a teacher requesting permission to allow her child to eat […]

Report: Big education firms spend millions lobbying for pro-testing policies

Lobbying has helped fuel a nearly $2 billion testing industry.

Why kids are getting more aggressive on the playground

'Tag…a simple game of tag. Seems innocent enough. But is it? Not according to many teachers.' Here's why.

‘You don’t need to know what is not on the test.’ A song.

Watch the video.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘college and career readiness.’ But what exactly is it?

How can we reconcile college and career as a national vision if college is not affordable for every student and if student loans are too onerous for young adults?

Will the new SAT be easier than the old one? A look at what the new test could look like

A test prep expert looks at the available evidence and finds some interesting things about the SAT.

Liberty University students say they were required to attend Ted Cruz speech

They faced a $10 fine if they did not attend.

As testing opt-out movement grows, so does pushback from schools

What is going on in New York is emblematic of what is going on across the country.

Mom: Why my 9-year-old gets despondent about school

'We don’t get to do writing anymore,” my son says. “Why not?” I ask. "“Because the writing test is over," he answers.

The emotional impact of college admissions decisions — on parents

When acceptances or rejections roll in, please be sure to remember the old adage “if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.”

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