Need a job? How you can write test questions for Pearson.

College degrees are "preferred," the ad says.

NEA president: It’s time for education companies to be transparent

"We know that when someone says 'education reform,' it can mean any variety of things."

Largest for-profit university in U.S. loses hundreds of thousands of students

Revenues are down too. What's going on.

No, Finland isn’t ditching traditional school subjects. Here’s what’s really happening.

Children will look at broader topics and use multi-disciplinary modules, one expert says.

How brainy are you about brains? A neuroscience quiz.

We have a winner in the 2015 USA National Brain Bee Champion: Soren Christensen, a ninth-grader at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va. Here are some of the questions he had to answer -- plus practice questions.

‘What I saw surprised me. But not in the way I’d expected.’

An adult spends hours with kids in Maine taking practice SBAC Common Core tests. Here's his report.

Maryland Senate expected to vote on allowing parents to opt out of Common Core tests

Now there is no state policy allowing parents to opt out.

How is this fair? Art teacher is evaluated by students’ math standardized test scores

Many teachers are evaluated by the test scores of students and subjects they don't teach.

Schwarzenegger and Paige: Why Congress should keep funding afterschool programs

Congress is debating whether to eliminate $1 billion in critical funding for afterschool programs that could affect 1.6 million students.

Students given wrong Common Core test to take

The confusion happened in New Hampshire.

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