Obama’s second-term promises in education

Arne Duncan and President Obama

Here’s what a brochure put out by President Obama’s campaign says he will focus on in education during his next term, assuming he has one:

President Obama’s plan for America’s future: Highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020 so we can compete and win in the 21st Century economy:


1. Cutting tuition growth in half over the next ten years. We can make college more affordable by continuing tax credits to help middle-class families afford college tuition, doubling the number of work-study jobs and
creating incentives for schools to keep tuition down.


2. Recruiting and preparing 100,000 math and science teachers. We can out-compete China and Germany by out-educating them. The STEM Master Teacher Corps and investments in research and innovation into the best ways to teach math and science will help improve math and science education nationwide.


3. Strengthen public schools in every community. Because we can’t compete for jobs of the future without educating our children, we must prevent teacher layoffs. We also must expand Race to the Top to additional school districts willing to take on bold reform. The President will offer states committed to reform relief from the worst mandates of No Child Left Behind, like incentives to teach to the test, so they can
craft local solutions.


4. Train 2 million workers for good jobs that actually exist through partnerships between businesses and community colleges.

In other words, more of the same of the last four years. If you liked Race to the Top and the No Child Left Behind waivers, you’ll be delighted. If you didn’t, condolences.

Valerie Strauss covers education and runs The Answer Sheet blog.
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Valerie Strauss · November 1, 2012