Does a quality education help you play baseball?

Does a quality education help major-league baseball players up their game?

Not so much, according to this Washington Post story by James Wagner, reporting from Florida where the Washington Nationals are in spring training.

Wagner writes that the Nationals clubhouse has had an uncommon collection of players from highly regarded universities, including Stanford and Princeton universities, the University of Virginia and WIlliam & Mary.

The story said:

All the players interviewed said lacking an education from a well-regarded school wouldn’t preclude them from excelling in baseball. For example, Ian Desmond and Jayson Werth, who were drafted out of high school, and Bryce Harper and Adam LaRoche, who attended junior colleges, are known as smart and keenly aware baseball players.


“There’s guys I’ve ran into who are analytical, very sharp guys, who were high school-drafted guys,” said [pitcher Ryan] Mattheus, 29, who could have attended Arizona State but chose to sign with the Colorado Rockies in 2004. “As far as does it make a difference in your playing career, I don’t think so. There’s guys who get drafted out of high school who could have went to Princeton. To say they’re at a disadvantage, I don’t think there’s anything to that.”

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