Five key questions to ask now about charter schools

In time for National School Choice Week.

Major charter researcher causes stir with comments about market-based school reform

The comments are interesting to both sides in the education reform debate.

22-year-old wins approval to open N.Y. charter school — but he quits when credentials questioned (update)

Did the New York Board of Regents check out his background?

Why ‘no excuses’ charter schools mold ‘very submissive’ students — starting in kindergarten

A researcher explains the very elaborate behavioral regimes that these schools insist all children follow -- starting in kindergarten.

Major probe of Michigan charter schools finds wasteful spending, little accountability

The Detroit Free Press does a year-long investigation that finds charter schools in Michigan spend $1 billion a year with little accountability.

Why hedge funds love charter schools

A whole lot of money.

Charter schools ‘must’ comply with U.S. civil rights laws, Education Dept. says (finally)

The Obama administration took six years to put out the guidance.

New report cites $100 million-plus in waste, fraud in charter school industry

It details cases from 15 states.

The big losers in NYC charter fight: students with disabilities

Why kids with disabilities have to move to make way for a charter school.

‘We’re real parents in a real crisis’

Why parents are working to stop the spread of charter schools in Massachusetts.

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