How they cheated on D.C. tests: Excerpts from new report

How many ways did D.C. educators cheat on the 2102 high-stakes Comprehensive Assessment System tests given to students?

Yes, Rhee saw the test cheating memo

Just to be clear, because some have wondered, Michelle Rhee, then the chancellor of D.C. public schools, did see the memo about test cheating.

Why not subpoena everyone in D.C. cheating scandal — Rhee included? (update)

You don't investigate criminal activity by going in and asking, "Did you cheat? Are you sure you didn't cheat?" Everyone should have to testify under oath, including Michelle Rhee.

An easy trick to reduce cheating

Students seem to have few qualms about cheating if the cheating seems relatively slight. What can teachers do? Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham has an answer.