When getting deferred from college is a gift

This is the sixth post in a continuing series about a high school senior attempting to navigate through the college admissions process.

An intriguing way to remake the college admissions process

'We could not create a more complicated, convoluted, cumbersome, and inefficient method of determining which students go where for college if we tried.'

‘To the casual observer, my erratic college visiting search could be seen as disorganized and careless’

A high school senior talks about finding colleges where she feels she can belong.

Ten things not to do when your child is applying to college

Practical advice from a parent who has been through it.

The trouble with parenting the college applicant

Second installment of occasional series about a high school senior applying to college.

Why race-based affirmative action in college admissions still matters

Why proxies developed by liberals to approximate affirmative action don't really work.

A basic flaw in the argument against affirmative action

'Think of how different the school years of all kids – rich and poor -- would be if education were aligned with life, instead of tailored to the needs of Princeton statisticians.'

A defense (of sorts) of the SAT

A college admissions counselor takes on the critics.

The latest bad fad in higher education

Enrolling low-income students should not become some kind of selective higher education "Hunger Games."

A sweet video: Young man with Down syndrome opens college acceptance letter

He's going to a non-degree program at Clemson.

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