Comparing college costs: a primer

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Avoiding the most common financial aid application errors

Tips from a financial aid expert

For the mega-rich: $80,000 trip to bond with college chums

I received in the mail a glossy travel brochure from the Northwestern Alumni Association with an offer to join a three-week trip to Africa and South America. The journey, called "Cape to Cape: An Expedition by Private Jet," looked so impressive on the cover that I looked inside to see whether it just might be too fantastic to turn down. It was. Too fantastic, that is. And this raises questions about the way colleges and universities raise money.

The $10,000 bachelor’s degree: gimmick or real?

The governors of Texas and Florida (Rick Perry and Rick Scott, respectively) have challenged their state's higher education systems to come up with a bachelor's degree program that costs no more than $10,000. Does this make any sense? Stephen Joel Trachtenberg answers.

The value of a college degree vs. the debt it takes to earn it

Faced with high costs and near-universal financial hardship, young people can find it difficult to determine whether college is actually worth the price tag. Here's some help looking at the expected value of one’s degree versus the estimated amount of debt the student will incur.