The college ‘preparation gap’ in a single graphic

There is a "large gap" between how high school teachers perceive their graduating students' readiness for college and what professors expect freshmen to know.

An at-home college-readiness test for students with learning disabilities

The college admissions process is hard enough for students who don't struggle with a learning disability but all the more difficult for students who do. Here is a test that parents can give to their children who have learning disabilities to see if they are ready to go to college

MCPS on ‘Seven Keys to College Readiness’ — update

I asked Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr for his view of the school system's "Seven Keys to College Readiness" in response to a post calling for these "keys" to be abandoned. MCPS spokesman Dana Tofig sent a response.

Why MCPS’ ‘Seven Keys to College Readiness’ should be tossed

Do the "Seven Keys to College Readiness" that are promoted in Montgomery County Public Schools really make sense?