Report: More college freshmen say they were depressed in 12th grade

An annual report on college freshmen paints a sobering picture regarding students' mental health.

Bowdoin College to pay tuition for slain officer’s son

School in Maine says it will cover all expenses.

Why we are looking at the ‘value’ of college all wrong

'The lens of economics distorts our judgment about the true worth of higher education.'

The trouble with parenting the college applicant

Second installment of occasional series about a high school senior applying to college.

Why college freshmen need to take Emotions 101

Too many young people are emotionally struggling and need help, experts say.

One senior’s story: Starting college admissions process is like ‘being sent out to sea by myself with 20 different maps’

First in a series following one high school senior trying to get into college.

Mom’s letter to college-bound daughter: Why ‘I have reason to fear’

A mom who made the documentary 'Race to Nowhere' about the stresses of school tells her daughter that college isn't a race/

Starbucks to offer employees free tuition to complete online bachelor’s degree

The partnership with Arizona State University is to be announced Monday.

Spain’s king-to-be went to Georgetown University

He earned a master's degree and roomed with a royal cousin.

One unconventional factor to consider when choosing a college

Graduating from college with good grades may no longer be enough to get a job -- so students now choosing a college may want to consider this.

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