Why job interviews don’t work

Why they don't lead to better decision making.

What science teachers need to know (that isn’t about science)

Here's a study that tested teacher subject-matter knowledge directly and that measured one aspect of pedagogical content knowledge, namely, student misconceptions.

A point no one has (apparently) made before

Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham discusses in the following post a study that he says stunned him.

The bottom line on ‘learning styles’

Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham explains his thinking about whether and how learning styles theory should affect teaching.

Wikipedia called mediocre on education issues

With Wikipedia being used in more and more classrooms -- despite continued skepticism among many teachers -- it is worthwhile looking at just how good its entries are. Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham looks at some education entries and rates them.

Neuro-garbage in the education market

How and when can neuroscience really be applied to educational practice? Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham explains.

School actually makes kids smarter — new study

Does going to school actually make you smarter (at least, as measured by standard cognitive ability tests)? Answering this question is harder than it would first appear because schooling is confounded with many other variables, Daniel Willingham explains.

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