Obama’s Act II: The issue he can’t ignore

Barack Obama’s re-election—made possible by a strong African American, Latino, and female vote—liberates the president to return to the central questions of equal opportunity that first motivated him to seek public office.

A call for President Obama to change course on education

Here is a call to President Obama and other school reformers to reevaluate the reform initiatives they have undertaken in recent years, framed against the documentary "The Fog of War," in which former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara came to realize how he had ignored evidence in his prosecution of the Vietnam War.

By Arthur H. Camins November 7, 2012

Obama, Romney advisors debate school reform

President Obama and Mitt Romney didn't say much about school reform in either of their recent debates, but two of their advisors did in a conversation about education at Teachers College at Columbia University. Here's the video.