Teacher to legislators: Here’s how your decisions impact my students every single day

Due to budget cuts, 'we are not able to have a full-time librarian, art teacher, technology teacher or music teacher. This means our schedules are limited and cannot be arranged for what is best for students. '

An eye-opening description of one state’s failed school funding system

'Pennsylvania’s system of funding schools is a failure by every criterion: equity, adequacy, predictability, fairness.'

Obama’s Race to the Top loses all funding in 2015 omnibus spending bill

First lady Michelle Obama's program to make school lunches more nutritious takes a hit, too.

Arizona court: Charters can’t demand same funding as traditional public schools

An appellate court says there is a rational basis for providing different funding for charters and traditional public schools.

One ugly map

How funding for public higher education has plummeted.

Better ways to use millions of dollars now spent on testing

Here's how the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on standardized over-testing might otherwise be spent.

One surefire way to wreck a public school system

Let's look at Philadelphia, where even the state-appointed school reformers running the system admitted things have gone too far.

Coalition of 114 education groups: Ryan 2015 budget would ‘devastate’ schools

The organizations say it will do irreparable harm to public education.

The Koch brothers’ influence on college campus is spreading

A Center for Public Integrity analysis of Internal Revenue Service tax filings shows how much the Kochs are spending -- and where -- in higher education.

Billionaires are privatizing science too — not just public education

Some are troubled that personal interests of private philanthropists are affecting pursuit of science.

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