A new approach to the difficult middle school years

Elementary and high school are hard enough to run but middle school is a problem unto itself. Even today exactly what to do with middle schoolers is a challenge. Read about a conference at the University of Virginia that is investigating a new approach to educating these young people.

Should caps on charter school growth be lifted?

Charter school advocates commonly say that caps on the growth of these public schools in some states are preventing the opening of some high-quality schools. Is this actually true?

How long one teacher took to become great

Today young college graduates accepted by Teach For America get five weeks of summer training and are considered "highly qualified teachers." Here veteran educator Marion Brady tells how many years it took him to become a really great teacher -- and why he wouldn't pass an evaluation today if he were in the classroom.

Can schools really reform society?

Gay Talese wrote: “Like religion, the game of baseball is founded on aspirations rarely met." Here's why the same is true of schooling.

Things educators could say but don’t

Are teachers more humanely motivated than most of the rest of us?

Ex-Teach For America member changes his mind

A Los Angeles educator finds that change is much harder than he thought.

Beating ‘Compliance Acquiescence Disorder’ in school

David Bernstein questions the value of compliance.

Do kids really learn from failure? Why conventional wisdom may be wrong

Alfie Kohn, the author of 12 books about education and human behavior, explains why failure has become a problem when it comes to school reform.