2014 World University Rankings: ‘Worrying evidence’ of U.S. decline?

The U.S. has 74 of the top 200 spots, but that is a drop from last year. Should we be concerned?

Single university president signs school contract restricting her love life

It just happened at Alabama State.

Texts of exchange between Catholic educators in war of words over $1 million Koch gift to university

Scholars say the Koch brothers advocate policies that counter those of U.S. bishops. Catholic University blasts the letter.

UC system president Napolitano ‘deeply skeptical’ about Education’s college rating system

Napolitano, Obama's former Homeland Security secretary, said she hasn't spoken to the Education Department about it yet but hopes to engage in a discussion.

Why the Obama administration should drop its plan to rate colleges

A college president explains the unintended consequences of President Obama's plans to rate colleges and universities.

UDC drops physics, history but keeps money-losing sports program. Really.

The school's trustees make an odd decision.

A school counselor’s request to Michelle Obama

A counselor writes to the first lady about her new role encouraging students to go to college.

Harvard, Amherst feud over Emily Dickinson (yes, the dead poet)

Longstanding tensions erupt over digital library project.

The best colleges for delicious, nutritious food

The No. 1 out of 60 top schools is a small school in Maine. But Virginia has four schools on the list.

Is education about increasing earning power?

Sure, education is about feeding the soul and learning how to be a good citizen. But is it wrong to want our kids to go to college so they can get jobs that pay well?

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