N.C. governor attacks higher ed, proposes funding colleges by graduates’ jobs

A new voice heard from in the continued trashing of higher education and the liberal arts by conservatives: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. Just a few weeks after he took office, more than 12,000 people have already signed a petition blasting his attack on higher education in which he called college students "butts" and said he wants to fund public community colleges and universities based on the number of students who get jobs after graduation.

‘Irrational exuberance’ over MOOCs

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan said in 1996 that the high-flying stock market was an instance of “irrational exuberance.” So too is the notion among university leaders and digital-minded faculty that delivering a degree or college-level courses to anyone with an Internet connection will revolutionize U.S. higher education institutions.

Are MOOCs hyped?

MOOCs have soared in popularity as the “disruptive innovation” that will revolutionize higher education. Here Larry Cuban wonders if, instead, MOOCs will end up helping redefine schooling in higher education too narrowly as the acquisition of information and skills -- just as standardized test-based school reform has done in K-12.

The economics of higher education 101

Current discussions of tuition may be leading to bad public policy, even if they are politically attractive to upper-middle and high income families. It’s simple. Cuts to financial aid have the greatest impact on the neediest students. The president of Vasser College explains the basics of economics in higher education;