Condi Rice taking reins of Jeb Bush’s education foundation

She supports Bush's education vision, including the Common Core.

Jeb vs. George W.: A key difference between the Bush brothers on school reform

They both embraced standardized testing but there is at least one big difference.

How Common Core could hurt Jeb Bush if he runs for president

Why his support for the Core could matter to Republican voters.

Jeb Bush bashes traditional public schools (again)

And he does it, again, at the expense of traditional public schools.

What does Jeb Bush call public schools? (Hint: not ‘public schools’)

School districts are not school districts. They are government-run monopolies run by unions.

Jeb Bush’s witless attack on Matt Damon

Put this in the you-can't-make-up-this-stuff category.

The biggest loser in the Tony Bennett resignation

Tony Bennett just resigned as Florida's superintendent of public schools amid a scandal about his actions when he was Indiana's schools chief. What this means for school reform and Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush’s disdain for public education

It's always useful to know where other people are coming from so we can thank Jeb Bush for making it so easy to understand where he stands.

Editorial bashes Jeb Bush’s education ‘reform’ efforts

A Florida newspaper rips apart Jeb Bush's school reform record in the state and takes on his national reputation as a leading education reformer.

What research says about Florida’s ed reform model

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has become one of the more influential education advocates in the country. He travels the nation armed with a set of core policy prescriptions, sometimes called the “Florida formula,” as well as "proof" that they work. Do they? Here's a look at what the research really says.

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