Jon Stewart tests Michelle Rhee, defends teachers (update with video)

on Stewart invited Michelle Rhee on "The Daily Show" Monday night and, while he didn't skewer her the way some Rhee critics would have liked, he kept challenging her about whether her brand of school reform unfairly targets teachers. He also said what Rhee and other reformers could take to be something of a slight: There has been "no real innovation in education since John Dewey."

Michelle Rhee’s memoir: What you can learn from reading it

Michelle Rhee's memoir, "Radical" is coming out on Tuesday and you may be wondering what, if anything, you could learn from reading the book. Plenty of things, like, for example, how the first time she fired someone was as a college sophomore while she managed a deli named Grumpy's, how she got "huge, crazy red welts" on her body from stress when she was a young teacher, and how she watched Teach For America founder Wendy Kopp dance "without much success at rhythm" at a TFA event.

Michelle Rhee uses StudentsFirst to sell memoir

Is this putting students first? Michelle Rhee's new memoir is set to go on sale Tuesday and she is already trying to hawk it, using the website of her school reform organization, StudentsFirst, to attract buyers. The site has a free excerpt, which I found out about when I received the letter below from Rhee.

The wrong remedies

This past week No Child Left Behind turned 11 years old and Michelle Rhee made big news with a "report card" that judged states on how well they implemented policy of which she approves. Here is a look at what connects them.

The woman who broke ‘code of silence’ in D.C. schools

A documentary on Michelle Rhee that was broadcast on PBS' Frontline this week delved into allegations of standardized test cheating during her tenure as D.C. schools chancellor. Rhee downplayed the allegations and D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson called the allegations “fictitious.” and pointed to a series of investigations that have yielded no evidence of large-scale cheating. Critics say the probes were too narrow. Journalist John Merrow, who was the force behind the documentary, provides more information here about the former D.C. principal who complained about cheating.

Ravitch on Rhee

The PBS show "Frontline" on Tuesday night aired John Merrow’s documentary on Michelle Rhee, which focused on the 3 1/2 years she was chancellor of D.C. Public Schools. There is sure to be a variety of opinions on what it said and what it didn't say. Below is the reaction of education historian Diane Ravitch, the preeminent voice in the growing opposition to Rhee's style of school reform.

Michelle Rhee’s new state reform report card

StudentsFirst, her lobbying organization that has taken aim at teachers unions, just released a "reform" report card that grades states on whether they have followed the reforms that she likes. That means that D.C. schools did better than Maryland and Virginia. Really. Here's more about the report card and what else Rhee is up to.

What’s missing from Michelle Rhee’s memoir

Michelle Rhee will soon be publishing her memoir, "Radical, Fighting to Keep Children First," and I thought it would be interesting to see what the Washington Post reporter who covered her tenure as D.C. schools chancellor thought about it. Bill Turque agreed to review it, and here's his piece