Teacher tells Congress: ‘We simply cannot ignore the stunning impact of income inequality and high child poverty’

She urges that legislators attempting to rewrite No Child Left Behind provide sufficient resources to educators and students through a reform model known as community schools.

Principal: What I’ve learned about annual standardized testing

Congress is debating how to rewrite No Child Left Behind, and whether kids should take annual standardized tests for "accountability" purposes every year is a big issue. Here's a look at the issue.

Diane Ravitch, former adviser to Lamar Alexander, sends him new NCLB advice

She asks him to drop annual standardized testing in the rewrite of No Child Left Behind.

Teacher tells Congress: ‘The federal incentives in education are wrong’

Teacher testifies before Senate education committee at first No Child Left Behind hearing

Jeb vs. George W.: A key difference between the Bush brothers on school reform

They both embraced standardized testing but there is at least one big difference.

What Obama didn’t mention in his State of the Union speech

Key education issues were left out.

Principal to Congress: I was wrong when I supported NCLB. Learn from my mistake.

'The gap between my hope and the outcome of NCLB is far wider than any gap in test scores could ever be.'

Cutting through the stupid on annual standardized testing

The issue is central to the new No Child Left Behind rewrite debate.

What are all these civil rights groups thinking?

They issued a joint statement that reveals misplaced belief in a core principle of No Child Left Behind.

Reading between the lines of Arne Duncan’s ‘major’ speech

Read the education secretary's address yourself.

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