Chicago schools filthy with rodents, roaches, garbage — principals say

School system said it was trying to make schools cleaner and save millions of dollars.

‘Stand Your Ground’ group pushes privatization of public education

The conservative group has written scores of model education laws used in a number of states.

The ‘neovoucher strategy’ (and why it didn’t work in New Hampshire)

If you write a law that violates your state constitution in a rather apparent way and that includes a severability clause, how grieved can you be when a court points out the violation?

Global education market reaches $4.4 trillion — and is growing

Good news for those who see school reform as a way to make big bucks: A new report says that the global education market is now worth $4.4 trillion -- that's TRILLION -- and set to grow a lot over the next five years.

The secret e-mails about Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million donation to Newark schools

A detail that got buried on the day that Newark Mayor Cory Booker announced he would not challenge Gov. Chris Christie next year was the bit of news that a judge had ordered the release of secret e-mails involving the Booker administration's dealings involving Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million donation to city schools.

The dangers of ‘outsourcing’ public education

For-profit companies taking over failing public schools in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Highland Park (MI), and other districts is one example. And cyber charter schools and blended schools run by for-profit companies are other examples. Note that no middle-class and upper-middle-class suburbs or exurbs seek out private contractors to run their schools. The phenomenon is localized in poor and minority schools that fail to make academic progress. Larry Cuban explains the consequences of this phenomenon.

Judges look at whether charter schools are public

Charter schools are publicly funded but increasingly people are asking whether many of them more resemble private schools. Here's a look at how judges are viewing the subject.

Billionaires put big bucks in Louisiana school board races

Here is a new case study in our continuing look at how billionaires (and millionaires) are throwing around their money to drive education reform.

Bill Gates, other billionaires funding charter effort in Washington state

To get an understanding of how America's wealthiest people are using their fortunes to drive school reform, take a look at a list of the contributors to the pro-charter school initiative on the Washington state ballot in November. The first few pages -- the ones with the biggest donations -- is a who's who of billionaires.