Michigan coalition opposes Race to Top finalist in letter to Obama, Duncan

A large coalition of Michigan parents, PTA leaders, K-12 teachers, professors and others -- including the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools -- sent the following letter to President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan protesting the selection of a new education entity as a finalist in the latest edition of Race to the Top.

Charter schools named Race to Top finalists as ‘districts’

The U.S. Education Department just named 61 finalists in its Race to the Top-District competition that will divide nearly $400 million among those deemed to have the "best" school reform plans. The finalists -- which, to be clear, is intended for school districts, as the name of the competition suggests -- include charter schools, charter school networks, district consortiums, and boards of education. Districts from states that have already won Race to the Top money are also on the list. Interesting list.