For school choice-loving Democrats to consider

How Republicans view it.

The hype and reality of ‘school choice’

It's National School Choice Week. There's less there than meets the eye.

Eric Cantor threatens new NYC mayor over school reform (update)

The House majority leader, who usually likes local control of education, warns Bill de Blasio to do what what Cantor wants or else.

The doubts of a school choice supporter

Are some kids being left behind?

Is competition in education killing our sense of community?

If the choice and competition campaign succeeds, any sense of community we could hope to have will be sold down the river, American University's education dean says.

What’s wrong with school ‘choice’? Here’s what.

The idea of giving students a choice of where to go school -- with public funds -- may sound good, but there are problems attached.

Are school vouchers losing steam?

Vouchers have been at the center of the school choice movement for many reformers, but they may be in trouble.

Real consequences of ‘school choice’

Here's an argument about why the school choice movement has failed to provide real choice for families.

Neovouchers: The debate continues

What's the difference between vouchers and neovouchers? That and more on vouchers and their cousins.

Is school reform about replacing blackness?

There are racial and class currents that undergird every element of the school “choice” movement, argues Natalie Hopkinson.

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