Virginia Senate votes to cut number of SOLs, delay A-F school grading

The House of Delegates will vote next.

Superintendent on school reform: ‘It is not working’

Letter to legislators: 'Today, a good education is narrowly defined as good test scores. What it has led to is a culture of compliance in our schools.'

Text of Maryland superintendents’ document on school reform

Read what 22 of 24 Maryland superintendents are saying about reform.

Md. superintendents criticize implementation of school reforms

Maryland schools chiefs say new testing and other education reforms are on an unrealistic timetable.

Civil rights hero launches ‘American Child’s Education Bill of Rights’

James Meredith issues a 12-point declaration to help children succeed.

The reform mess — an open letter to NY education officials

An award-winning principal and the president of the state teachers union say officials are obsessed with testing and it's time to stop.

Why there’s no excuse for ‘no-excuse’ schools

Why is it that no private schools market themselves as 'no excuse' schools?

A revealing thought experiment about student achievement and school reform

Look at data and figure out in which of two states students have higher achievement. See what this experiment says about reform.

‘The Procedure’ and how it is harming education

School reformers are going about things backwards.

The test question that’s haunted Gov. Jerry Brown for 50 years

The governor opposes the country's standardized-testing obsession.

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