The ‘Big Bang’ boys (at Caltech) have a real science adviser (from UCLA)

David Saltzman makes sure the science -- including the formulas on the whiteboards -- is correct on the TV show.

Blowing up Peeps: An experiment in thermodynamics

Watch the video.

Wyoming officially rejects new science standards

It seems the opposition was more about man-made climate change than evolution.

The polar vortex explained in two minutes

A quick science lesson from President Obama's science advisor.

Superstar astrophysicist: Why ‘Star Trek’ beats ‘Star Wars’

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Needed: STEM education for Marco Rubio

A few years ago Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida put out a 12-point plan that he posited would improve public education. Idea No. 7 was to address the STEM education crisis. crisis in STEM education. Rubio just showed how much of a science crisis there really is in the United States with his comments in GQ magazine about the age of the Earth.