Unions say they will back teachers who refuse to administer mandated standardized tests to students

What kind of support remains unclear.

Campbell Brown put on notice by teachers union

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Are teachers unions really the scourge of the nation?

A detailed look at the data.

New NEA leader to nation’s educators: Revolt, ignore ‘stupid’ reforms

Lily Eskelsen García tells reformers: 'Stop doing stupid.'

Stephen Colbert to Campbell Brown: ‘Why are we blaming the teachers? Maybe it’s the dumb kids.’

The questions were better than the answers.

Campbell Brown’s anti-union group uses union slogan (update)

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

AFT calls for Education Secretary Duncan to submit to ‘improvement’ plan or resign

The call by the nation's second largest teachers union follows a direct call for Duncan to quit by the largest teachers union.

Largest U.S. teachers union calls for Education Secretary Duncan to resign

Arne Duncan's relations with the teachers unions are about to get more difficult.

The best and worst in education and labor: 2012

The biggest news for education and labor watchers in 2012 was, of course, the reelection of a president far more supportive of investing in students and worker rights than his opponent. But 2012 also saw important setbacks for public school advocates in Louisiana and Indiana and for workers and labor unions in Wisconsin and Michigan. Here's the best and worst in education and labor in 2012.