Congressional probe of Wisconsin school voucher program sought

Read the letter that spells out the issues, including whether the program really helps improve academic achievement, as it promised to do when it was created.

Judge smacks N.C. lawmakers, rules school vouchers unconstitutional

A judge says the N.C. Legislature 'fails' children with its program to use state money to fund private school education.

‘There are common hypocrites. There are spectacular hypocrites. And then there are Florida legislators.’

The legislature just passed an expansion of the state voucher program.

Do school ‘reformers’ really believe in accountability? Let’s look at Florida.

Let's look at what they say vs. what they do.

Long ‘waiting list’ for Florida vouchers doesn’t actually exist

This belongs in the you-can't-make-up-this-stuff category.

Florida moves toward school voucher expansion — but with no accountability

What is good for traditional schools is apparently not good for private schools that accept students who pay tuition with public funds.

Obama smacks Bill O’Reilly on school vouchers

Here's the text.

Report slams D.C.’s federally funded school voucher program

Here are some details and excerpts from the GAO report.

New Hampshire ‘neovoucher’ program found unconstitutional

A judge says public money can't be used to pay religious school tuition.

What’s wrong with school ‘choice’? Here’s what.

The idea of giving students a choice of where to go school -- with public funds -- may sound good, but there are problems attached.

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