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Posted at 12:11 PM ET, 07/11/2011

AllSaints Spitalfields opens its doors in Georgetown

The new AllSaints Spitalfields Georgetown store looks less like a boutique store and more like a distressed yet upscale warehouse or studio – with several vintage-esque garments to choose from. The black brick building- which just opened its doors Friday - bears the store name in lights, and when one gazes up at the four-story brick building, several vintage sewing machines – from Singer to Frister & Rossmann are
Wall image from Georgetown’s newest storefront AllSaints Spitalfields, a London-based retail store. AllSaints oepned July 8. (Photo by Elevation Photos/Chaz Neil)
peering down. The old-school machinery is just the beginning of the working, distressed vintage aesthetic that one feels when entering the store. The establishment boasts over 200 sewing machines throughout, with large clothing presses serving as garment displays; wooden mannequins, created in London, shape the clothing; and there are several British zip codes and painted phrases on the brick wall, such as “This Work Is Protected.” Remove the clothing, and you’ve got a turn-of-the-century London factory, right down to the large wall branding that follows you up the stairs to the second floor.

The rugged feel is maintained right down to the dressing room - rams heads even serve as hooks, and although the aesthetics of the store are meant to invoke a workhorse feel, there is modernity dotted throughout the shopping floor in the form of eight standing iPads that allow customers to order more clothing if they can’t find the correct size or color. Created in 1994, AllSaints’ Washington store is the twelfth stand-alone store in the United States, with over 80 stores and 70 concessions worldwide. The franchise’s origins can be traced back to East London, which is where the Spitalfields name comes from. Paul McAdam, the North American C.E.O. of the brand, says that Washington was “always on [our] radar,” and has high hopes for the store fitting in on M Street.

Interior of AllSaints Spitalfields, a London-based retail store, that opened in Georgetown July 8. (Photo by Elevation Photos/Chaz Neil)
The company has a men’s and women’s line, with their former children’s clothing available on the Archive website, where users can find past seasons of AllSaints clothing for half off. Both lines thrive on muted colors of black, grey, white, and brown, with the women’s line having pops of pinks and peaches. Just a few storefronts away from another British label, Rag and Bone, McAdam believes that first-time visitors should be prepared for an introduction to fresh, individualized, product based clothing, that pays strong attention to detail.

AllSaints Spitalfields is located at 3235 M Street NW. For more information, visit

By Erin Williams  |  12:11 PM ET, 07/11/2011

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