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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 03/01/2012

Date Lab: Vote on this week’s couple

Matchmaking is tricky business.

Each week in Date Lab we set up two single Washingtonians and send them out on a blind date. On paper, the couple always seems like a good fit; in reality, the results almost impossible to predict.

Still, we’re asking you to do just that. Based on the following excerpts from their Date Lab applications, do you think this week’s couple will hit it off? Vote now, and find out tomorrow if you’re right.

Hanna, 25 is a personal trainer and student. Philip, 26, is a law student.

Originally from ...

Hanna: Cleveland

Philip: Atlanta

Last song that got stuck in your head ...

Hanna:“Lucky Girl” by Kellie Pickler

Philip:“Rain” by Bruno Mars

Happiest when ...

Hanna: When I’m being productive, whether that’s for school or work or cooking or whatever else I could be doing.

Philip: Bodysurfing at the beach, dancing all night, sipping bourbon and relaxing next to a roaring fire.

Brag a little ...

Hanna: I’m a woman who knows where I want to be in life. I like trying new things and experiences. I’m open to adventures. I enjoy sports (football/baseball/basketball). I love cooking and I’m good at it.

Philip: I’m in shape and love exercising. I’m confident, caring and perceptive. I know how to push people’s buttons, and I doubt anyone has ever called me boring.

Your type ...

Hanna: Guys who can keep up with me physically and can hold a decent conversation that isn’t work-related. Looks-wise I’m physically attracted to men who take care of themselves but my "type" ranges from Irish men to African American men. I prefer someone who is close in age to me

Philip: White, blond/brunette girl-next-door type. Put-together, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. Not shy around my friends/family, outgoing, active, into sports and new experiences. Able to go out dancing one night and relax and watch a movie the next.

Your idea of funny ...

Hanna: Witty and slightly sarcastic.
I’m not looking for someone to tell me cheesy jokes.

Philip: Witty, sarcastic ... able to give it and take it. Not afraid to call people out.

Interests to share ...

Hanna: Sports, outdoor hobbies (kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, white-water rafting, NO CAMPING), cooking.

Philip: Sports/athletics, love of traveling and new experiences, good food with good people.

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