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Posted at 09:32 AM ET, 02/03/2012

David Choe’s Facebook friends react to his IPO windfall

David Choe became the art world’s newest millionaire this week, thanks to his wise decision to take Facebook stock in exchange for the murals he painted in the company’s headquarters in 2005, despite believing at the time that Facebook wa s “ridiculous.”
Artist David Choe painted murals at the headquarters of Facebook Inc. in exchange for an undisclosed amount of company stock (RAMIN TALAIE - BLOOMBERG NEWS)

Choe has since joined Facebook, but he’s remained mum on his sudden windfall, which is estimated at about $200 million. But ever since his name began to make headlines, Choe’s Facebook friends haven’t kept quiet about the artist’s good fortune: They’re congratulating him, asking him for money, and doling out advice. Here’s how they think Choe should spend his millions:

All from Choe’s Facebook page, all [sic]

On Luxuries:

• “My Advice David, Hang up the Phone, turn off the Computer, find a nice spot on a beach in Bora Bora, and forget to tell people where you are for awhile.”

On loans to friends:

• “Hey I think you owe me $”

• “Hey, Dave, can I borrow $200M? I need to make a wager...”

• “Choe...heard you got PAID...want to invest $100,000 to get my ad agency off the ground? Talk about street cred.... congratulations.”

• “I will accept any of your art you no longer need to sell!”

• “It's all really absurd isn't it? Just checked out your blog/site and happy to realize you are the real thing. Timing is everything. If anyone had told me I'd be unemployed with a 2 year old at 49 I wouldn't have believed them, either.”

On Art (and congratulations):

• “Time to illustrate the Bible and paint the Great Wall you freaky Korean.”

• “Victuals and materials and space for struggling artists would help spread Eros against Thanatos more than gilded gee-gaws and metastasizing glitz. Everything fades eventually but creative decency. Art is the blood of our souls.

• “No limits. The world is your canvas. congrats man! also, bacon.”

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