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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 03/27/2012

Peeps: Eat them, craft them ... kill them?

Peeps, it seems, are a catalyst for creativity.

Our annual Peeps Diorama Contest is proof enough of that — each year we get hundreds upon hundreds of clever, artistic entries. But outside of the dioramas, the internet is teeming with adorable, pastel-colored crafts, desserts, decor and more.

So to tide you over until Wednesday, when we announce the winners of our 2012 contest, here’s a roundup of some of the sugary DIY that’s out there. And if this avalanche of cute is overwhelming, we’ve also got a look at those who prefer destroying Peeps to creating with them..


(Courtesy Just Born)
Peeps were made for eating, of course. But straight out of the box is not enough for some people. Just Born, the company that makes Peeps, features a number of recipes on its website for making those bunnies and chicks even tastier. (Example: The frozen Peepsicles pictured here — just beware the loud music that starts playing at that link.) Elsewhere, you can find Peeps in tuxedos, Peep sunflower cake, Peeptinis and Peep S’mores.


They’re not just for eating, they’re also an option for DIY decorating.

Pink bunny Peeps add flair to this Easter bouquet, the work of Casey Schwartz and Kit Wertz of Los Angeles-based shop Flower Duet. It’s not their only Peep-inspired arrangement; they also do a winter version featuring snowman Peeps.

Did you know Peeps grow on jelly bean trees? Okay, maybe not. But Jessie Cross, who blogs at The Hungry Mouse, used her active imagination to come up with this candy topiary:

(Jessie Cross -

(Instructions can be found here. )

Jenni Swenson at Vintage Umbrella also whipped up some Easter-friendly decorations with this Peeps wreath (and a host of other bunny-and-chick crafts):

(Jenni Swenson - Vintage Umbrella blog)

Even pets can get in on the Peeps-themed action — take, for example, these kitty toys. Trish Iriye, whose Etsy shop, misohandmade, specializes in cat gear, sewed organic catnip into Peep-shaped wool felt.

(Courtesy Trish Iriye via

We imagine the feline reaction is pretty similar to the sugar rush you’ll get after finishing a box of the real thing.


You’d think that sweet, innocent Peeps would inspire only happy projects. But it seems some people go to a darker place with their marshmallows. And instead of looking to create, they’re looking to destroy:

Outside of YouTube, there’s an entire site dedicate to Peep destruction techniques — 100 Ways to Kill a Peep. (Fair warning: these ones can get a bit grisly.)

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By Amanda McGrath  |  08:00 AM ET, 03/27/2012

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