How to improve comments and digital community: reader ideas

On Friday, a week after The Washington Post announced a partnership with The New York Times and Mozilla to build an open-source digital community platform, we asked commenters what changes they would like to see in The Post’s digital communities. The thread of responses stretches more than 500 comments long, a productive exchange packed with […]

By Greg Barber July 1

Today’s front page: June 25, 2014

The top stories on today's front page include primaries in Maryland and Mississippi, climate change and violence in Iraq.

By Washington Post staff June 25

Verified e-mail address required for commenting

Beginning today, users who want to participate in comment sections must first┬áverify their e-mail address through their user profile page. If you wish to comment and haven’t yet verified your e-mail address, please follow the instructions on our FAQ. Note: If you registered your account through Facebook or another pre-approved service, your e-mail address is […]

By Julia Carpenter April 28