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Ben Stein pitches in with a Strauss-Kahn defense — and misses

I used to like Ben Stein. (Gregory Bertolini/AP)
Bernard-Henri Levy’s aggressive defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn left me shaking my head over the subtext in his argument. Economist, conservative pundit and actor Ben Stein, however, left nothing to subtlety with his article on the IMF director in the American Spectator.

Stein wrote a few “humble thoughts” asking questions about the handling of Strauss-Kahn’s case. Here’s my condensed version of his words:

1) Economists don’t rape people!

2) Maids, however, are notoriously sketchy. They steal things. They are (and I quote Stein here) “complete lunatics.”

3) Strauss-Kahn may be accused of a violent crime, but he deserves better treatment than prison.

4) People are really mad at him for spending $3,000 on a hotel suite. If he had allegedly attempted rape in a cheaper hotel room — say, a Best Western — there wouldn’t be this much fuss.

5) Also, he’s short and old and fat. Short and old and fat people can’t really be rapists.

With defenders like these, Strauss-Kahn really doesn’t need any enemies.

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