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D-Day: On 67th anniversary, presents color before-and-after photographs

French women pose with the troops after liberation. (By Frank Scherschel/Time & Life Pictures)

Exactly 67 years ago, after a rough crossing of the English Channel, American troops landed in Normandy and launched a historic attack on German forces, shifting the tide of World War II. The images of D-Day are often stark, black-and-white pictures of violence and assault.

In honor of today’s anniversary, however, has a different take. It has put together a slideshow of images captured before the assault — quiet images of men preparing to face the great battle ahead — and photographs after the attack, as the troops triumphantly marched through France to reach the capital city.

“Paris is like a magic sword in a fairy tale — a shining power in those hands to which it rightly belongs, in other hands tinsel and lead. Whenever the City of Light changes hands, Western Civilization shifts its political balance. So it has been for seven centuries; so it was in 1940; so it was last week.” — LIFE after the French capital was liberated in August 1944.

See more images:

A meal before the attack. (By Frank Scherschel/Time & Life Pictures)

The ruins of the Palais de Justice in the town of St. Lo, France, summer 1944. The red metal frame in the foreground is what's left of an obliterated fire engine. (By Frank Scherschel/Time & Life Pictures)

Paris greets the troops. (By Frank Scherschel/Time & Life Pictures)
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