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Google motion; Huffington Post paywall; Royal wedding live blog: April Fool’s Day galleria

( Marmite and Vaseline team up.)
It’s April Fool’s Day overload here. Have the jokes become ham-fisted, force-fed? Or are we enjoying a new era of comedic genius here?

We’ll round up the jokes. You decide.


The search engine has long been leading the technological prank game, and this year it doesn’t disappoint, with multiple jokes sprinkled around its sites. The biggest prank may the introduction of Gmail Motion, a way to send email without the pesky interference of the keyboard and mouse.

Also for total font nerds, Google has done the sacrilegious act of replacing Helvetica, that clean crisp font of near-design perfection, with Comic Sans whenyou search for the word “Helvetica.

And, my personal favorite, we get to meet the unsung heroic autocompleter at Google:

Pulling on the heartstrings of all 90’s lovers (Imagine that! The 90’s are the distant past! Sigh.), Hulu reformulates its homepage with spot-on old-school computer fonts and a show lineup to make any Mulder and Scully fan swoon.

YouTube 1911

Also mining the past, YouTube brings us the most viral videos of last century.


The Twitter application will be launching a new game: Happy Owls. “It’s a hoot!” the tag­line promises.­

Wikileaks’ Cuckoo clocks scandal

The Swiss news site,, reports on a dastardly plan put together by the Swiss government: implanting surveillance systems in cuckoo clocks and giving them out as official gifts. Greg Mitchell of the Nation points to this, saying he assumes its the first April Fool’s prank based off WikiLeaks. I have to say it’s actually a genius spy tactic.

Friday or Die

Funny or Die has given its homepage over to Rebecca Black. I have no further comment on this development.

Huffington Post

Milking its spat with the New York Times for all its worth, Arianna Huffington announced a new paywall. New York Times employees will have to pay to read more than the first six letters of a Huffington Post story. If you opt to pay cash, a box pops up informing you New York Times executive editor Bill Keller is the collection manager.

The Guardian

Brilliant as always, mocking the media’s interest in the Royal Wedding and our love of live blogs, the British newspaper started a live blog covering the build-up to the big ceremony of Will and Kate. Sadly, they had to shut it down after a few hours as it contravened the “Treason Felony Act of 1848.”

Richard Branson

He bought Pluto. He’s reinstating it as a planet. Thank goodness someone took the initiative.

Ikea’s Dogchair
The Hundstol dog highchair

I want one of these. And I don’t even have a dog.

Kodak Relationshiffft

This could have seriously come in handy over the years. An “Automated Person Purge” removes the ex from all the old photos and videos. And like that, he’s gone!

Starbucks mobile division

I’m not sure if it’s a great prank when your customers actually want what the joke claims to be and then you cruelly inform them: nope, sorry, we won’t actually be delivering you fresh and hot coffee by a scooter. Starbucks, you’re messing with our caffeine-laden hearts.

Bryn Mawr

Oh man, this may send me back to school: Galatactic Leadership for Woman.

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